Do you have a lot of data but have no idea what to do with it? Or a long list of customer transactions that you are not able to benefit from?

You have come to the right place then!

Database Marketer is the partner you can rely on when you need targeted digital marketing and business intelligence solutions. We offer customized BI and reporting solutions keeping in mind your business’ unique needs and your budget. We are a team of passionate digital marketers who can efficiently manage your customer database, establish your business’ BI reporting structure and provide BI reporting solutions that facilitate informed decision-making.

What We Do

At dbMarketer.com, we are as passionate about digital marketing as you are about your business. Our aim is to impact the bottom line of your company by improving the efficiency of your marketing techniques with your data and our analytical tools.

Services we offer include –

  • Database Marketing
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Tag Managment
  • Web Analytics
  • Data Management and Hosting
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Management of Existing Databases
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Shopify Marketing and customization

Our targeted digital marketing programs aim at analyzing your customer base for determining the best ways to reach out to them and convince them to invest in your products. In the end, our goal is your goal – to improve your ROI.

Why Choose Us

Database marketing is a cost-effective strategy to improve your ROI. When you know who your customers are, what they want and what encourages them to by your product, it becomes easier to sell them your product. At Database Marketer, we make use of tried and tested targeted digital marketing strategies using the data available with you, to improve the sales and push up your bottom line.  But why choose us for the job? Because we

  • Are passionate about marketing
  • Offer focused solutions keeping in mind your business’ best interest
  • Use available tools to identify good and bad customers and how they impact your business
  • Turn meaningless data into valuable information without inflating your costs or wasting your time.

We have several years of experience in database marketing, which we promise to use for improving your marketing efficiency.

Contact Us

Database Marketer must be your preferred marketing partner regardless of where you stand in terms of BI maturity. Our team of passionate marketing professionals will turn your data into a powerful tool that you can use to make meaningful decisions.

Contact us today to get started!

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