The amount of data that businesses deal with continues to grow each day. While organizations manage to obtain a lot of data, they know little about how to use it or what to do with it. Put it simply, businesses today have a lot of data but very little information. If you are one such company looking for a partner who can help you make sense of the mounting data, Database Marketer should be your choice.

The Database Marketer team comprises of passionate individuals who are dedicated to developing workable BI solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes. No matter where your business stands in terms of BI maturity, our team will offer the perfect digital marketing and reporting solutions that are tailored to suit your business’s marketing needs and budget.

Database Marketer has been offering targeted marketing solutions to business across sectors for several years now. We believe in long term relationships with our clients and aim at delivering marketing solutions that are perfect for you.

Customer Database Development

Of all the data that you may obtain, your customer database is perhaps the most valuable. Simply put, your customer database is the file that contains useful information about your customers. Proper management of such valuable information is essential for developing a workable marketing strategy. At Database Marketer, we will work with you to identify your customers’ KPIs.

Our customer database development and management solutions will enable you to

– Understand what your customers need, and what you must do to meet their expectations
– Develop strategies to identify your best customers
– Classify the database into segments indicating good or profitable customers and bad or non-profitable customers

Efficient management of an accurate customer database will give you an exact idea of who your customers are, how to acquire new customers, and how to encourage your existing patrons to invest more into your products. An updated database also comes in handy when you want to inform your target audience about your latest offers, product launches etcetera.

Marketing Analysis

Proper understanding of your target market is possible through analysis. Database Marketer will do the necessary market analysis and prepare case studies that will help you understand your target audience better. Give us whatever data you have and we will analyze it in segments or as a whole to identify the distinct features of your target niche.

With the marketing analysis strategies, our specialized digital marketing team will enable you to deliver personalized messages to every one of your customers. The marketing messages you wish to deliver can be personalized based on the business or industry (B2B marketing), age, gender, location, interests or behavior etc of the customer. Our analytical tools can also be used to identify how or why your customers would make a purchase from you and also to predict when they would be willing to spend on your products. With the Database Marketer team at work for you, turning a hesitant prospect into a loyal customer becomes easy.

Marketing Automation

Need to keep your clients informed about your latest offers? Or remind them of your weekly blogs? Why not automate the process of informing them about it?

Given the volume of marketing emails that businesses send out regularly, manually responding to each customer’s requests or preferences is practically impossible. Database Marketer will offer the perfect automated one-to-one messaging strategy that will work for you. We will develop an automated process for personalized email marketing targeting your existing customer base.

Automating the marketing processes enables you to manage content you share with the customers. It also allows you to send the right kind of message to your customers at the right time, so that they remain loyal and even become advocates of your offerings.

That is not all. We can also help you develop automated processes allowing you to feature your product catalog on ecommerce sites like, eBay, etc. With the automated product feeds in place, you will not have to worry about updating sales or inventory positions on the sites regularly.

Customer Acquisition

Expansion of the customer base is one of the most important things to take care of for the growth of your business. But do you know where to look for new customers? Which communication or advertising channels your prospects use to find you? Don’t worry if you don’t.

Database Marketer will help you identify the source of your customers. With our customer acquisition strategies, you will be able to reach out to new customers in your region and also get them excited about your product or service. You create a quality product or service, and we promise that we will make it attractive and interesting enough to encourage your target audience to invest in it.

From using the right keywords and content, engaging your prospects on social media sites to creating the perfect landing pages that convert every visitor into a customer, Database Marketer will support your every step in customer acquisition process.

Why You Should Choose Database Marketer

Database Marketer caters to businesses across all sectors, with different BI maturity levels. If you have not yet established your BI structure, Database Marketer will get it started for you. If you already have BI reporting in place, we will help you move it up to the next level.

The Database Marketer team works with the only goal of helping you identify and impress good customers and steer clear of bad ones who can cost you money and time. Give us data and we will turn it into valuable, actionable information. The good news is that we can offer comprehensive BI reporting solutions for your firm for a price as low as $2000 per month.

Now that is an attractive offer you cannot resist! So talk to us about your database and digital marketing requirements. Our team will ensure that the BI and marketing solutions we offer meet your reporting needs as well as your budget.

Contact us at Our service team will be happy to provide any information you need.

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